Brooklyner Weisse beer

Yum. Being the high-falouting beer snob that I am, I rocked up to a party with a bottle of this in my beer carrying device (alongside a few somewhat less exciting bottles of Budvar – a perfectly nice beer, but hardly exciting).

A Bavarian-style wheat beer, fans of Erdinger and Paulaner (as well as Franziskaner, which is available dead cheap in Morrisons and is a decent tipple) would definitely enjoy a bit of this American wheat beer – although, again, due to the cost of importing the buggers you’re going to pay a fair bit for 12 fluid ounces of this.

But, while the sun’s out and the weather’s warm, this is a very decent, if not exceptional drink. Brewed using German wheat and barley malts, it’s got those typical white/wheat flavours of banana and cloves with a good citrus punch too. It’s easy drinking too, and not too strong at 5.1%.  The only problem is the finish, which is perhaps a little too bitter.

I’d write more, but my memory gets a little hazy…


2 Responses

  1. Agree, decent but not exceptional, relatively speaking not as good as Brooklyn Brown, Lager or EIPA.

    On rocking up to parties, I always try and get a couple of ‘nice’ beers followed by something a little less fancy, something for the session that I can share and is refreshing. Still not quite sure what the perfect party mix is?

    • You can’t take too many ‘nice’ beers incase they get mixed up in the group and drunk by someone else. I think no more than two fancy ones, then back to something like budvar.

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