BrewDog Punk Monk

BrewDog Punk Monk

BrewDog Punk Monk

Delving into the details of BrewDog barely seems worthwhile. Most people who read this blog (if any of you do, anyone?) will know what these two Scottish lads do by now. In short: two friends in Scotland, love for beer, good eye for marketing, set up brewery make some damn interesting experimental beers (and some damn good easier drinking ones too), get some hype around them, and have an award winning brewery.

In shorter, good on ’em, the boys done good.

Punk Monk is one of their newer brews (although it’s hard to keep up with the volume of beer [and column inches] they’re creating). It’s an IPA, brewed with Belgian yeast. An interesting proposal and yep, it’s pretty special.

It pours a sparkling shimmering gold,  pretty beautiful, really. As it cascades out of the bottle you can hardly help but smell it.  You get citrus (especially grapefruit),  melon, spice and a slight sugary sweetness. That great aroma punches stronger that the flavour – which isn’t to say it doesn’s taste great. Loads of fruit still, some yeast, maybe a bit of caramel too.  But it doesn’t hold long enough in the finish and let’s down a little at the end.  Yet what the finish lacks in deep flavours, it makes up for with a spicey, tingling send off that leaves you wanting more. And even that slight let down at the end is only because the initial promise seems so great.

Love ’em or loathe ’em (of just get a bit a wound up at their ability to stir up the beer-lovin’ blogosphere), this beer shows why everyone got worked up about BrewDog in the first place. Bloody good beer with an innovative, forward-thinking eye for flavours.

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One Response

  1. I snapped up a bottle of this from Beer Ritz last week. Zak’s project to bankrupt me by the end of the year seems to be going well! He has such a great selection and is always welcoming and chatty.

    Anyhooo…Beer Ritz adoration aside.

    I really enjoy this. It takes everything I enjoy abot Punk IPA and makes it even better. The Beligian yeast really rounds out the powerful hop punch it delivers. It has a massive presence along the line of some of those monsterous American IPA’s that make their way across the Atlantic. I hope they add this to their permanant range. Top stuff!

    Watch out for my review on later this week.

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