Bitter Tetley Men

So, it’s official, Tetley’s will be leaving Leeds and the brewing of Tetley’s cask ale will be leaving Yorkshire full stop. The smooth flow production is staying in Yorkshire, but who gives a shit about that? Not I.

I’ve spied that Greg Mulholland MP is campaigning for a boycott of Carlsberg and good on him, in a way. I don’t drink the stuff anyway, so it’s an easy sacrifice to make.

Or is it? Maybe not, as Carlsberg also brew some pretty snazzy beers in their own country, including the splendid Carnegie Porter which I have a bottle of in my cellar right now.

Anyway, I wrote about this news for Leeds Guide and you can read my opinions here:

I wrote another piece back in October too, that’s here:


2 Responses

  1. Who needs Caelsberg when we have Leeds Brewery

  2. Hi, My name is Jonathan Clough and I am a 3rd year film and moving image production student at Leeds Metropolitan University. As my final year major project I am currently producing a documentary about the closure of the Tetley’s brewery in Leeds. After having contacted Carlsberg to try and get their co-operation to help tell the story of tetley’s and coming up against a brick wall, i am looking for people who are really passionate about the closure. We want to tell the stories of the people who have been drinking tetley’s their whole life’s and truley understand want an imensence shame this is for Leeds. PLEASE contact me as soon as possible if you would like to speak to me in further detail and possibley be a part of our film. Many thanks Jonathan Clough –

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