Do Molson Coors Make Better Beer Than Marble?

There was a bit of a furore on Twitter over the weekend.

No, not a furore, a heated debate.

No, not a heated debate, an exchange of opinions.

Ok, there was a discussion.

The tasting note maestro Baron_Orm aka The Ormskirk Baron decided to declare King Cobra, brewed by arch-beer villains Molson Coors (boo hiss!) as better than two beers by everyone’s favourite independents Marble Brewery and Thornbridge.

No really, he did, look here.

This upset a couple of people who couldn’t believe that a beer aficionado could prefer the product of  a big corporation to that of a small, independent company.

I’m falling on the Baron’s side here. While anyone can see the benefits of supporting a small independent company, surely good beer is good beer. I’ve not had King Cobra yet (feel free to send me some Molson Coors folk), but if I genuinely thought it was better than the likes of Raging Bitch or Jaipur, then I’d happily say so.

After all, while these big companies may sometimes be evil (driving others out of business, trying to dominate a marketplace) surely every brewery starts up wanting to be succesful and surely, brewing for these big companies are brewers with a passion and a talent for it – otherwise they’d never get a job making beer in the first place.

So, that’s about it. In summary, in my book good beer is good beer, regardless of where it’s come from.

NB – I should point out that both myself and The Baron do love the beers of Thornbridge and Marble, the point was merely raised because The Baron rated King Cobra 5/5 and some Marble and Thornbridge beers 4/5 (although he did give Jaipur the full 5/5)


7 Responses

  1. Here here. I’m guessing many of the people had tried King Cobra but there is a danger of band wagons forming. I love Marble and Thornbrigde but not everyone will and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    • Hey! I gave Jaipur a 5/5 – I LOVE the stuff!

      • I should probably add that I love Thornbridge and Marble’s beers, i just found the debate interesting…

    • You say about lots of people having tried it but I can’t find it for sale anywhere!

      Just to be clear, I am talking about the 8% double fermented lager here not large bottles of the regular stuff you get in every curry house.

  2. Or hear hear even! Ooops…

  3. Obviously tasting and drinking beer is a personal thing very much like music tastes. I love Marble beers, they are different than most mainstream ales and very tasty – Lagonda IPA is one of my all time favs with a baron rating of 5/5.

    When I tried King Cobra I was impressed by it’s ‘completeness’ along with almost a champagne quality to it.

    I’ve often said that the ‘baron ratings’ are my way of making a list of what I think of the numerous ales that are out there so that I don’t buy a duff one again!

  4. Since I’m the Baron’s sometime partner in crime I thought I’d better weigh in here. Firstly, let me say that I too love Marble’s beers and along with the Baron I gave the ones we tasted that evening 4/5, which is a great score. However, for me at least the overall package of the King Cobra, including its lovely smooth frothiness and sweetness, and the way it is presented, justified a 5/5. It’s a well-made, complete beer. I would also say though, that it’s important to see these things in context. If I was eating a curry or a barbecue, for example, or on a hot summer afternoon at the end of the working day, I’d choose King Cobra; in other circumstances the Marble beers would make more sense. By inclination I’m not a natural defender of big aggressive businesses (I’d pick Linux over Windows) but sometimes they do a great job and I don’t see any point in denying it (I’m typing this on a Mac).

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