Local MP Pours Carlsberg Down The Drain

Greg Mulholland and his nasty lager

Greg Mulholland and his nasty lager

This is not a story for Cooking Lager.

Greg Mulholland MP recently decided to boycott Carlsberg. To make this clear, he and a handful of cohorts marched to the Carlsberg-owned Tetley’s brewery in Leeds and poured cans of the green-branded lagers down the drain.

Nope, he didn’t try their lager and realise it was pretty shit.

Rather, he was protesting about the closure of the Tetley’s brewery and the moving of Tetley’s cask production outside of Leeds.

I wrote about the event for the day job here.

Now, I like Mulholland’s sentiment. It’s a damn shame that the brewery is closing. Jobs will be lost in the area, and the Tetley’s brewery is an institution.

However I have a small problem with the boycott.

In a shock turn of events. Carlsberg actually make REALLY good beer.

Don’t believe me? Get yourself to North Bar or Beer Ritz and order a bottle of Carnegie Porter. Drink it. Love it. Then google it. Want to see who brews it? Yep, it’s Carlsberg.

So, I’ll happily boycott Carlsberg lager, Carlsberg Export and Carlsberg Special brew. I’m not right fussed about Tetley’s either. I doubt I’ll drink it any time soon when there are far nicer pints around. I will, however be drinking that Carnegie Porter in the cellar, sorry Greg!

3 Responses

  1. Interesting stuff, and amusing to boot.

    Pongy ale drinker boycotts beer he doesn’t drink anyway. Lovely lout drinkers carry on as normal.

    What is most amusing is that most of these pongy ale drinkers never touched Tetley Bitter, favoring micro shed brewed pong.

    Regular bitter drinkers will not even notice the change of brewery site, as a professional brewer with replicate the recipe accurately.

  2. I’ve been to Denmark a several times; and you can get pretty drinkable Carlsberg there.

    Unlike the crap you get over here.

  3. @Cookie, What I think is slightly ironic about the whole Tetley’s thing is the amount of people who say they don’t drink it (me included) but who would prefer it to stay in Leeds (guilty again). I can’t put my finger on it but there’s just something about the brand, the heritage of seeing ‘Tetley’ above a pubs windows , even though the Tetley’s tie was pretty restrictive on competition at times I believe.

    @chris I remember having Elephant beer in Denmark in 2003 and at the time I enjoyed that

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