Sheffield Taps: Meet The Brewer – Thornbridge

I went to a meet the brewer event at the Sheffield Taps last night. I drank more than I should for a school night, have a slight haze in my memory, took no notes, took no photos and now can’t really write much.

So here are a collection of thoughts, in note form about the evening in general. It’s not going to tell you much, you could find out loads more by reading Mark from Real Ale Reviewsfar more proper post.

1) My primary drinking companions Mark from Real Ale Reviews and Rob from HopZine are thoroughly good chaps, and a pleasure to go out drinking with

2) Sheffield Taps is a GREAT pub. It looks amazing with its wooden panneling and old tiles,  and the beers, just row. Loads and loads of ale on hand pull, some great world beers on tap and one of the best bottle selections you’re likely to see

3) It’s worth a £9, 45 minutes train journey to visit Sheffield Taps

4) Thornbridge make some truly great beers. Kipling and St Petersburg  especially

5) Take away cartons of beer are a brilliant invention

6) Taking away beer on the train when you’re already quite drunk is NOT good for a hangover

7) Skate kids like getting free beers from brewers

8 ) The smell of hops never gets old

9) Having a pub on a train station doesn’t help make sure you get your train. Oops.

10) (last one) I should have listened to the brewer more, and chatted less. Oops again.


3 Responses

  1. Hehe, great summary. Thanks for coming along! Stoked u liked the beers! If u want any more info on any, let me know.

    Cheers and beers,


  2. T’was a grand evening out.

    I was slightly baffled by the age of the crowd. I’m not sure they were there just for the free beer either. Well, they seemed to listen to the ailing Kiwi attentively. Personally I zoned out of the “Talk” and on to conversation and drinking because it got quite noisy, people came and stood in front of us and I wanted to get busy with the drinking.

    It must be hard to make one of those events interesting to people with varying levels of knowledge. Some of the info was basic but good for beginners. Personally I’d have liked to learn more about the individual beers and chat about Thornbridge’s ethos and future plans.

    Kelly (even in his weakened state) is a great communicator and introduced the basics to the noobs and also educated an obsessive Beer Geek like myself. I’m fascinated by hearing about what is in each beer as I’m still trying to educate myself on detecting each species of hops, types of grain and strains of yeast. I swore that Wild Swan was packed with Goldings and Fuggles but it turned out to be 4 different types and none of the above…shows what I know.

    I love smelling hops and hoped I’d still stink of them in the morning, but sadly I didn’t.

    The display for public indecency by renowned Beerticker Dave Unpronounceable was highly entertaining. Dirty bastard, all the while he intently chatted to Kelly, his free hand was “exploring” his new squeeze’s lower regions. I pissed myself laughing!

    I blame Mark for my hangover for buying the Brooklyn Chocolate Stout…not the third measures on my glass.

    A good night out with fellow beer bloggers and a takeaway two pint carton of imperial stout will inevitably end in a discussion about Brewdog and ethics in general.

    A great night out and good to have a drink with both again.

  3. when will you learn my boy!

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