Sorry it’s been so quiet on this reetgoodleeds blog. I put it down to be a busy guy. I’ve not been drinking out as much because I’ve been judging eateries for the Leeds Restaurant Awards, I’ve been planning weddings and, since it’s summer, I’ve just been out and about and all that, so drinking socially more (thus no note taking) and not so inclined to be sat at a computer.

I’ll try and be better and write more soon. I’ve got my neighbour Alan’s homebrew to write about. I’ve got Todmorden’s Bare Arts Brewery too, and my new local Ridgeside Brewery.

So keep yer eyes peeled. Ta-ra for now.


3 Responses

  1. Bare Arts – tried a couple of thier beers now, usually at the Leeds Beer Fests. consistently good!

    • Yeah, had a couple of their beers, but I bought a pack of three, so I’m waiting till I’ve got through all three before I do my blog.

  2. You’re planning weddings? I thought ours was the only one. I don’t want no part in your polygamous lifestyle, Goodhand, no sir.

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