Meanwood Drinking: Ridgeside Brewery & a new pub?

Meanwood Institute, a lovely Meanwood building

Meanwood Institute, a lovely Meanwood building

I’m back. I’ve been quiet for ages. Largely because I’ve been a bit lazy. And I’m going to continue in a relatively lazy fashion by linking to one of my man beery writings for Leeds Guide.

Imagine my excitement when, flicking through the often tedious Yorkshire Evening Post, I spot a story on a new brewery in Leeds. Then, I read on and find out it’s in my hood of Meanwood. Then I read on some more and discover it will be named after the beautiful (it really is beautiful, I’m not just saying it) Meanwood Ridge.

Suffice to say. I was thrilled. So much so that I emailed Simon, the intrepid former engineer behind the brewery, straight away and requested to interview him both for my blog and Leeds Guide. The blog interview is going to wait because there’s no beer to try yet (thus, not as much fun to be had), but we decided to chat with Simon before he opened up and run a story in the magazine.

You can read what he had to say (and my ongoing promotion for Meanwood in the magazine here: Ridgeside Brewery

They have a website too, which is bit bare, but it’s here if you’re interested: The Ridgeside Brewing Company

Meanwood is fast becoming the place to be for beer fans. I was very excited to note than in Meanwood’s swanky new Becketts complex (some apartments and a few empty shop units) Market Town Taverns, the folk behind Arcadia, one of my favourite Headingley pubs, are applying for a license for a new boozer. VERY exciting news for me. MTT’s pubs are always cask ale focussed, with a good array of continental beers (mainly German and Belgian) to boot.

While I’m promoting Meanwood, I’ll also mention that our neighbourhood Italian, Via Verde, is also well good. I wrote about that for Leeds Guide too, just here: Via Verde

Now if only North Bar would open a sister pub up here…


8 Responses

  1. Yep, I saw that article too. He seems like a genuinely nice guy, and enthusiastic to boot. Good for him – always a pleasure to welcome a new brewery into life. Will be keeping an eye out for Ridgeside beer, for sure. As for the new pub – couldn’t get a better pub co to do it. MTT are wonderful people.

    • Indeed. Should be up and running by now, I’ll need to find some, or pop by the brewery…

  2. Good news re Market Town Taverns, the “to let” stickers have now been removed so hopefully this is going ahead. Also, who has noticed the Licence Application from North Bar at the former “Tropical Nosh” unit directly opposite the Green Road junction. Glory days for Meanwood!!!!

  3. This is excellent news for the local area. Tropical Nosh was an excellent eatery with a vast array of lovely food….however, I think North Bar should be just a touch better

  4. The ‘banner’ went up in the last few days on the old ‘Nosh’ shop front, announcing that North Bar is opening . ‘East of Arcadia’ opens tomorrow. 🙂

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