Meanwood Pub Updates

I have learnt some stuff about my soon-to-be new locals.

1) Market Town Tavern’s offering is being worked on right now, will be called East of Arcadia (hmm, not sure about that, I assume it’s a pun on East of Eden), and will be a bar and restaurant. Cool.

2) North Bar’s new bar will be opening at 8am most days (though will not serve booze until 11am – take heed Wetherspoons early morning boozing fans). It should (in my opinion) by called North Ba’ North West. I’ve suggested said name to one of the owners, whether he’ll go for it, I know not (I guess: no). I assume it will do breakfasts and good coffee and stuff. Which would be awesome.

Slightly off topic, I discovered The Stables pub at Weetwood Hall on Thursday night, I’d never been before (for some reason) but joined some neighbours for a birthday drink and was impressed. Comfy, laid back and serving an exceptional pint of Copper Dragon’s Golden Pippin (their IPA weren’t half bad neither!). Plus they show the football (boy, was I glad to see that return on Saturday. Shame Leeds lost though) and have a massive courtyard. We were shown a great route back home via ginnels that takes a mere 15 minutes. Whether I can remember it or not next time is another matter.


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  1. Is there going to be part of the north bar group opening in Meanwood? If so, where?

  2. That’s very interesting – I didn’t know about North opening in Meanwood. Do tell.

    • Yup, there’s a license application in for what used to be Tropical Nosh on Meanwood Ria pretty much opposite the former Becketts pub (where East of Arcadia is opening). I understand it should be opening in a month or so. Exciting times for my end of Leeds.

  3. Will need a very quick fit if ready in a month.

    Things definitely on the up for Meanwood then. Just as the place is getting better venues and shops – could mean rise in house prices that might make it worth moving on; oh the modern dilemma lol.

  4. Well it seems that soon you’ll never have to leave Meanwood.

    Alas my impressions of Meanwood are of Sugarwell Court and The Primrose pub, don’t think they are actually in Meanwood, but simply on Meanwood road. Sound like a need to grab a pint glass for a tasty brew and go foraging in the hedgerow.

    It’s always good to hear about quality pubs opening up and MTT and North Bar are bound to deliver in spades.

    • Standard form is that area starts when named road leading to it finishes (meanwood in to stonegate rd).

      I quite like Bay Horse – but am of mindset that is happy to drink average pint whilst watching racing/football/rugby all afternoon.

      • Rob – Yeah, I think Sugarwell Court and The Primmi are technically Meanwood. We live in what’s apparently called ‘Meanwood Village’. It’s awesome. Massive park, a listed building for a community centre, a Waitrose and these two new pubs. Ace.

        Chris – Bay Horse is fine, especially for watching Leeds Utd games, but by no means great. And yeah, some house prices going up would be pretty damn sweet!

  5. Just as long as we don’t end up with a cupcake shop…. then my road will most probably become a car park.

  6. Just read the license notice – 1am. Great stuff.

  7. Just discovered blog when searching North Bar in Meanwood. Is it 100% certain? I’ve just walked past the site and the estate agent’s board only displays “UNDER OFFER” and the only other sign of life is a dog-eared notice of licence application.
    Other than that not a sod has been turned.

    • I don’t think it’s 100%, it’ll be dependent on the license being approved, but as far as I know as long as that goes through (I can’t see why it wouldn’t) it’ll be on. Awesome.

  8. Yeah, the Stables is a bit of a hidden gem. On a sunny day, that courtyard’s a bit of an oasis.

  9. Today is 20th September 2010. It is 6.30 pm. What has happened to the licence application for the new North Bar in Meanwood?
    It was due to be heard today in the Civic Hall, but as yet nothing found on internet.
    Anyone care to skim through a copy of the YEP and finding out if it’s on or off?

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