A blog about stuff – well, good stuff – mainly in Leeds, because that’s where I live now and will be living for the forseeable future. I envisage writing about beer  mainly – hence the title – but who knows what else I will post my illuminating thoughts on? Or, I might do this for a month, get bored, or realise that no-one’s reading, and then stop. Let’s see, shall we….

One a side note, I have no “b” key. Which makes blogging about beer and breweries pretty tricky.

Also, on a mercenary note, if anyone ever wants to send me beers to try and write about, I’m happy to do so (although I won’t promise to be nice). If you are interested, drop me a line at the below address:

Finally, my writing here is all my own opinion and in no way reflects the opinions, stance, positions or opinions of my employer. So there.

3 Responses

  1. Hi Reetgood
    Am enjoying your Reetgood beer blog, and wishing I had your youthful liver.
    Piece on your Belgian outing was very fine, with a great typo near the beginning:
    “the most interesting and diverse beers you can dream off”….please don’t change it!

    • Hah, glad you like it. I’m dreadful at subbing my own work (comes from having other people do it for the day job!). Thanks for the feedback!

  2. How about a beer in Mojo’s AND a few tasty cupcakes along with it? IronCupcake:Leeds next challenge is on Sunday 7th Feb 6pm @ Mojo’s and we need judges. Come along, have a beer, be a judge in the competition!

    Zoe 🙂

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