Daas Organic Beer – Blond

Daas blond

Daas blond (check out my nice wallpaper, too)

Given that everyone’s all about organic produce these days, it’s a bit odd that there aren’t more organic beers out there. Yes, there are a few – Schneider’s Edelweiss, for one and Shepherd Neame’s Whinstable Bay for two – but the organic market is fairly under-represented in the beer world.

Daas, though, have a couple of lovely Belgian ales that boast organic hops and barley in there list of ingredients and, more importantly, taste, yes “reet good”.

I’m drinking their Blond right now, and it’s a fine example of a strong Belgian blond (think Duvel or Delrium). It’s the kind of strong (6.5%) beer that could easily win over a less adventurous drinker. The nose is all honey and spice – sweet and warming, and the glass is inviting, gold, glistening and with a rich, long-lasting foam.

It’s even better to drink (as these things should be). That honey comes through warm and soft on the throat, with hints of the mellower citrus fruits, and maybe even a bit of apple kicking around too.  But where Daas Blond is clever is that none of these flavours overpower that bitter hoppy finish, and the treacley aftertaste is gloriously sweet. For a beer best served chilled, it’s very warming actually (we’ll put that down to the alcohol content), and the sweetness never gets as cloying as some of those sweeter Belgian ales sometime can.

And, of course, we’ve not really got into the benefits of these beers being organic. Because they are. And they’re not just shouting about being organic because they have nothing better to shout about. Nope, these organic hops and barley make a really splendid beer, and a great example of why the Belgians are, still, so highly regarded for their beer. They just do it so well.

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