The Alcohol Industry, The Government and Pete Brown

A quick post here. As I’ve plugged before, I did a nice big article for Leeds Guide magazine on how the pub trade is suffering, using the historic market town of Otley, near Leeds, as an example and speaking to, amongst others, Greg Mulholland MP, Pete Brown and CAMRA representatives about the problems. You can read that here:

Now, if we’re dissecting the industry and the problems facing it, one can hardly ignore what Pete Brown calls the neo-prohibitionist crew. These are the people who have attentive ears in the government (or indeed are part of the government) who seem to be willfully misrepresenting facts and figures to make alcohol seem a far bigger demon in society that it actually is.

Now, I’m not a man with a head for numbers, and I’m not the kind of journalist who can read, analyse and understand all the stats being dug up. Pete Brown is though, and his blog has made fine reading this last week (provided you’re interested in the topic and can handle the numbers and graphs flying around.

Read it here: